Marine Survey

Survey and Inspection of Vessels

At the request of Ship-Owners, Charterers, insurance companies and other stakeholders, the “STC” LLC company organizes examination and inspection (survey) of vessels after damage or before starting the work.

We organize:

  • survey of the overall technical condition of the vessel (Condition survey) – before the vessel is put into service after repair
  • survey of the vessel when it is input/output to/from the charter (On/Off Hire Survey)
  • survey of the amount of the bunker on the vessel (Bunker survey)
  • survey of vessels and floating facilities for the organization of towing (Pre-towage survey)
  • survey of damage and repair (Damaged ship survey) – is made in case of emergency situations, describing the extent of damage, total loss and calculation of repair costs.

This is not a public offer.