Multifunctional sea drilling platform

TypeMultifunctional sea drilling platform
FlagRussian Federation
PurposeSelf-lifting multifunctional complex
Length (m)31,6
Beam (m)20,94
Draught (m)1,61
ConfigurationPlatform can be altered in order to tow in canals 17,5 meters in width
Platform disassemblyYes, if ground transportation is needed
Total pillar height (m)30
Pontoon height (m))2,4
Drill wells4 drilling wells (holes), 400 mm in diameter
Drilling depth (m)от 1,7 до 20 meters
Discplacement (t)763,32
Max/miimum speed (kn)0 (hold by anchors on the spot) – Up to 5 knots
Minimum speed (kn)0, hold by anchors on the spot
Passenger capacityUp to 14 permanent residents
Cruising rangeMore than 60 days
Carrying capacity250 t
Deck area220 m2
Propulsion devicesIs able to move from spot to spot on a small distance, turnaraounds
Stern winchyes
Tow cableyes
CraneCarrying capacity 20 t
Zonding equipmentGeotech 605 (Sweden)
Drilling equipmentМБУ-5 (Russia)
LaboratoryOn-board stationary geo-engineering laboratory “ASIS”
Sampling equipmentyes
Extra equipment:
The following extra equipment can be installed:-crane, with carrying capacity up to 90 t; that can work with a vibratory pile hammer, a hydrohammer, and an electric grab bucket;
-an excavating machine can be installed for dredging;
-welding and diving equipment can also be installed.

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