Name Borey
Vessel Type Scientific Research Catamaran
Construction Year 2010, upgraded in 2016
Flag The Russian Federation
Length 19,5 m
Beam 8,75 m
Draught 1,1 m (maximum 1,35m)
Working Deck Area 50 m2
Full Speed 8 knots
Crane / Deck Equipment Hydraulic crane 5 t, deck winches
Passenger capacity 5 crew members, 7 scientific staff members. Possibility to increase scientific staff up to 8 persons.
Cruising range more  than 14 days
Ice Class no

The vessel is further equipped by:

  • office and laboratory premises
  • spacious saloon
  • video supervision system
  • thrusters

Ship purpose: hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnical research, technical works underwater using ROV-аapparatus. Ability to work at the depth of 2-3000 meters.

This is not a public offer.